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Monday, March 5, 2012

Winker - Simple Family Games

Winker ( A circle game )

You will need a deck of cards. (Or a sheet of paper and a pencil)*

The object to the game is tp catch "the Winker".

A group of people sit in a circle. (It important to be in a circle for the game to work well.) The dealer, deals the amount of cards that there are people playing, being sure to include one King (only) in the stack. Shuffle and deal one card to each player. The player that receives the King, is the Winker. (The players descreatly look at their card to find out if they are the winker and returns it to the dealer.) The dealer declares, "Whoever's the Winker, better start winking" and the came begins. The Winker tries to wink at players in the circle without anyone seeing him do it, accept for the person being winked at. The player who "receives the wink" does so, very discreatly and without giving away who the Winker is. He says, "I'm out", which reveals that he has been winked at (and they have to keep quite, but catch watch the rest of the round)...if someone witnesses the Winker winking at someone else, he declares it and that round is over. If someone makes a wrong accusation of the Winker, than that accuser is also put out of the game. Laughter is sure to ensue in this game. It is more fun with more people, because it is harder to catch the Winker.

* If you do not have a deak of cards, you could similarly draw folded paper scraps out of a hat/bowl with little sayings on them. ONE will say, "You are the Winker".

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