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Friday, July 6, 2012

Fish Tacos Tonight!

Oh I am craving Fish Tacos!  If you haven't ever had them - you must try them.  They are "Like SOOO California"!  :-)

There are two styles I am going to share with you via videos at AllRecipes.com.

The first is a beer battered taco with a creamy spicy sauce.  This has a couple steps to it so it takes a little doing.  It is also fried in oil- which is not something we do often...but hey we are so healthy otherwise...we can do this every in a while!  I think I will serve it with my lacto fermented Asian slaw...that should make up for it - right?!  That is what I am making tonight for our Shabbat Dinner.  I will serve it with some lightly seasoned rice and salad and Pappa's amazing homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert.  
To see my recipe modification suggestions - go to the comments below.

The second is a very simple Baja Style Fish Taco that is covered in a heavily seasoned marinade and grilled immediately.    This is California cookin'!  It is fast, easy, fresh and delish!  It is also the more health conscious version of  fish taco. Perfect for these hot summer days!  I am pretty sure we will eating this one on a week day next week!  I think it is begging to be served with my lacto fermented Kim Chee!  :-)

Either of these can be served in flour tortillas, flat bread, corn tortillas or over (organic blue) corn chips and toasted for a quick second with a little bit of shredded cheese.  I hope you are inspired!


Moira said...

Shalom Pamela,
I love fish taco's of course being from California :) It makes me a little homesick.
Shabbat Shalom,Moira

MommySetFree said...

I did know you were from CA! Where? How long? I was in SF for 10 years.

Abbey said...

Sounds yummo-I will have to try one of these soon--but I have had a real fish taco to compare ;(. Great to read your post too, I had missed the ins and out of your world. Shabbat Shalom!

MommySetFree said...

The beer battered fish version of the fish tacos was a hit. However, there are a couple modification I would like to note.

My daughter mixed up the batter and when I go to it, it was very runny. I do not know if it was the recipe or an oversite on my daughter's part,but I needed to add flour to get it to a good batter consistency (like pancake batter) so it would stick to the fish. I did this by eye balling and the consistency performed perfectly. So I wanted to mention that- that might be necessary. The only other thing I would change about the batter is that I would double the salt next time. It was very very bland. We salted ours and then it was good as serving - but next time I would double it in the batter.

The sauce was also a bit spicy for my crew. I made a note to cut the jalapeno in half next time as well as the cayenne pepper. I might even quarter the cayenne pepper if I am making the sauce ahead.

This was a wonderful recipe to spring board from! I also highly recommend the shredded cabbage instead of lettuce...it is more authentic and it is oh so tasty together!