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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rest for Your Souls

I am bursting at the seams 
to share my new favorite album with ya'll!

A dear online friend has just released a new music album that I wanted to make sure everyone knows about. It is FABULOUS!!! I just know it will bless your home. You can take a peek into her home through her family blog.  They are a homeschooling, home-fellowshipping family with 5 children (some even with special needs). Besides all that she is creative in other areas - photography being one of them.  She is zealous for Torah and Messiah and a loyal wife, momma, and friend. Yet with an obviously full plate, this momma (along with two friends) has released this high quality album to share praise, worship and truth with THE WORLD. (Did I mention they live in Australia?)

There are songs to sing at Passover, The Feast of Unleavened Bread, The Feast of FirstFruits, Feast of Trumpets and also on Shabbat. There's also a song which explains how we, who are not naturally born of Israel, have been grafted in with Scriptures spoken in the middle of the song. Our family has been singing and sharing their "Shabbat Song" for over a year now, before they even started putting the album together. :-)  I have been anxiously waiting for the album and now it is here and it is GOOD!

The idea of this album is that it can be used in a family to teach children, it can be used in congregations to sing praise together at appointed times or it can be used for individuals to be able to worship Yah with all their hearts. This is their single desire and hope; that it will draw many closer to Yah. If you are interested, her band is called 'Feet on a Rock' (taken from Psalm 40) and their first album is called Rest for your Souls'. You can sample and/or purchase the songs/album here: http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/rest-for-your-souls/id555152633?ig... 

Pass it on!  :-)


Jason said...

Shalom Pamela. Thanks for the recommendation, we just purchased the mp3 album on Amazon and will be listening today...

Andi said...

I am looking forward to the purchasing of this lovely music... thank you for the reminder, I have been waiting for awhile! ;0) Oh and I canned my first chicken stock this week... THANK YOU DEAR SISTER!

lusi said...

My goodness! What a beautiful review!!! I'm blushing but also teary; to feel so loved, supported and treasured by someone Ive never met yet who feels like FAMILY to me!!! Thank you beautiful Pamela for your words. This has encouraged and blessed me tonight so much!
Thank you Jason and Andi too. Really praying it will bless your homes and hearts as it strengthens your faith!
With so much love x

Enid said...

We love our album already, love it when the kids are singing along!


Melonie said...

Thank you for posting about this - I went in and bought it the day you posted, and I wanted you and your friend to know how much I've enjoyed it! Absolutely wonderful. :D