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Friday, December 6, 2013

Meet Michael Life and His Family

I would like to introduce you to a special family in the Body of Messiah and in which we are blessed to walk with here in our community. 
 A couple months ago, they experienced a very trying, heart wrenching tragedy in their family and  
This is a story of faithfulness. A story of love, devotion and commitment.  A story of overcoming, of community and of the mercy and grace of our Heavenly Father and His redeeming love that supersedes the worst of circumstances and prevails.    It is a story of thankfulness and appreciation.  It is a story of family.

I was not one who was present (on site) that is mentioned in this story - but rather one (like others I am SURE) who was miles away, but QUITE present in The Spirit, praying, and crying out and pacing and mourning with them in this 2 week process of waiting on the Father and interceding for needs of the family and the life of the baby.   Seeing these pictures and hearing this story once again - made my heart over flow with sadness and love and gratefulness all at the same time.  Who can explain it?  Except, that it be LOVE! Love for the Father; love for His people and compassion for the loss and pain that we must endure until the Messiah returns to "set it all straight".  It is a bitter sweet thing... a bitter sweet thing indeed.

This family are small organic dairy farmers, who run a CSA to reach out to folks and provide for their family (and to work together as a family unit).  They live in close community with a small group and despite their large family  they always have "time" for others who may bring a need or question to them.  They are always reaching out.  They are zealous for Yah and His ways and live honorably, as you will see (testified)  by the quotes posted in the "updates" of the site listed above.  

Personally speaking, in this past few months alone, Todd has been gracious to answer farming and milk cow questions  for us, as we have been struggling to cure our milk cow of mastitis for months.  He has graciously offered His bull's services to us (for free).  He even offered to take our cow to his own farm to try to nurse her back to health himself (even though he has plenty of "concerns" right now).  We have been trying for months without success to help her heal, while other's suggested we give up and dry her up or eat her - Todd offers hope and help when we are feeling our most defeated!  Why do I tell you this?  Because everyone who knows the Vincents has some sort of story of encouragement or hope that they have received from them!  They are just that kind of family.  I felt the need to share one of my one"testimonies" of how I am in the midst of being blessed  by them,  as I write this post!

'Friends/family in common' who live in their small community have put together the site linked above to HELP THEM for a change.  They wanted their story to be told and wanted to see if we could pull together like the community described in Acts to help meet the needs of this family as they are coming out of a very hard season in their lives.  (No matter where we all may live!!) The Vincents have incurred some debt with medical bills and other trials have occurred with their family van.  (They have been borrowing a vehicle to run their goods to Nashville for their livelihood - just making modest ends meet as well as sold a couple of their needed livelyhood-producing cows.)  While we can not change those things which have happened in the past months, we can rally around them in support to help bear the burden with them.

When praying about this post - this chapter of Scripture came to my mind Hebrews 11.   I read it and felt that is speaks VOLUMES as to the Scriptural faithfulness that has been lived out during this very hard time.
So often adversity and calamity will crush a person's spirit and whose faith is not rooted in their Savior.  However, this family has and continues to walk in such faith as described in Hebrews.  I know their reward is in YHWH and they never ask for anything more...but we...who walk with them are hoping to bless them in this small way - so that their burden may be lightened and they may be a little more free and mobile to continue their Kingdom work.  Many of the folks in our community, live very financially humbly in order to minister and serve, yet we are giving all we can.  I felt led to reach out to YOU, our extended family of believers, to see if you might pray about assisting us in blessing the Vincent family as well.

Gratefully and Humbly and Sincerely,


Laise Figueiredo Gomez said...

This story broke my heart somehow Pamela, my heart went out to this family. I'll be praying for them and see how I can help.
Laise Figeuredo Gomez - Brasil

MommySetFree said...

Halleluyah! The goal was met to assist the Vincent Family! Thank you all for your prayers and your contributions! Thank you for the love that you have expressed to this family in there time of rebuilding after such a loss. May Yah bless and YOU and YOURS!