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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The King's Daughter Interview - Stephanie

What is your (first) name? Stephanie

What is your website name? Living Life On His Terms , although my daughter and sons are working with me to create a website that will encompass everything (future homestead, a store, homeschooling, our faith, etc).

Please describe your site: It started out to be just a bit of “this and that”, but as I focus myself more on the future, it is about homeschooling, my growing faith in Yah, my children, and the lessons we are learning for our future homestead.

How old are you? I just turned 44 in May

How long have you been married? I am divorced, 2 years now, from my second husband

Please tell us a little about your family: I have three amazing children, Samantha is 17 (18 next month) and just graduated high school. She wants to be a librarian, so we are working on college plans. Joe is my first son,14, and a geek, and proud of it. Tom is my youngest at 12, and is stuck in that “not a little boy, not a teen” stage right now. I am so blessed to have the children I do. When I injured my shoulder at work 3 years ago, my children stepped up like it was nothing, to help in whatever way they could. This meant picking up extra household chores, doing errands with me, etc. I get so excited when one of them comes to me with something new they have learned. It is great to see their faces light up. I guess I taught them well at a young age, because we are a family of history buffs, we all love to read, and the library is one of our favorite places to be. My daughter and I joke that we may just have to open a book store some day.

I also have to mention my first husband, Michael. While we are no longer together, he is truly a great friend, and I can’t imagine raising our children without him in their lives. He has been a true blessing to us, and despite both our faults, we have done a fairly good job, if I do say so myself, of raising caring and compassionate children.

Please tell us a little about your faith: I am new to following Torah, but not new to my faith in Yah. I was raised a Methodist, until I was 12. My parents said we had to go to church and Sunday school until then, but it was up to us if we decided to go after. I am not sure what made 12 the magical age they chose, but I continued to go to church, but a Congregational one. I participated in all the events, all the pageants, but never felt a connection to Yah in a building. Even as an adult, when I was born again, and re-baptized, I never felt at home in the congregation. I have always been a bit of an “odd duck” when it comes to fitting into groups, as I don’t find gossip and such important, nor the latest and greatest. I even got into a disagreement with my then pastor, about how if I miss church for 3 months, Yah is not going to punish me, because He isn’t the building, or the pastor, or the people in the chairs. He is not limited to something so simple. Of course, my pastor told me I was wrong. I have found the most peace with Yah, when I am outside, in a quiet place, by myself. Still to this day, sitting in the woods behind my parent’s home, I am awed that out of all the beautiful things He created in this world, I am just a small part of it, yet He loves me just as much as anyone else.

My parents believe in Yah, but never outwardly show it. It is something very personal to them. I guess that is part of the reason I think the way I do about my relationship with Yah. It is very personal. I share some on my blog, or with friends, but ultimately, the true relationship is between Him and I.

Please tell us a little about your home: We are currently living in an old Victorian home, on the 2nd and 3rd floors, in an apartment. Despite this, I am still learning everything I can about homesteading, so that I can take those skills with me when we find a place of our own. My home is very basic, hand-me-down furniture, and loved possessions. Although we are trying to declutter, which means giving up much, mostly mine J. I don’t need all the “things” that I thought I used to. My most important possessions will always be my children, and my history.

Where have you lived? Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, South Carolina

Do you work outside the home? No. I did when I first got divorced 3 years ago, but due to my shoulder injury, and subsequent disability (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a nerve disorder), I am unable to work outside the home. I have almost always been a stay at home mother though, so this is where my heart is. My children and family always will come first.

List your top 5 favorite things to do: Play on my computer (read blogs, keep up with online friends, do research), Read, Spend time with my children of course, Crochet, Learn (I will always be a lifelong learner!)

List your least favorite 5 things to do: Wash dishes, fold laundry, take the dog for a walk, cook when it’s hot out, deal with unkind people.

What do you look for most in a friend? Honesty. I value that above all things, and do not want a friend who is fake, and goes with the crowd. Be who you really are.

What would you say your top 3 strengths are? Being independent, compassion, curiosity

What would you say your top 3 weaknesses are? Being independent, trusting others, patience

If you could only teach your children ONE THING, what would it be? That if they believe and trust in Yah, they can accomplish anything in life. I am still working on the trusting part myself.

If you could change two things about yourself, what would they be? My disability on bad days (pain), choices I have made in the past.

If you could change one thing from your past what would it be? To be a better wife

If you could do one thing from your past again, what would it be? Finish my college degree.

What is one thing few people know about you? I am terrified of thunder and lightning. So badly, that I run around shutting all the windows, blinds, curtains etc.

What is your greatest challenge? Trusting, Yah and other people. I don’t hold grudges, and forgiveness has been easy for me, but I am “gun shy”.

What are your top 5 values? Honesty, hard work, be yourself, go to Yah first always, never lie

Share some of your favorite family traditions with us: Before I became a Torah follower, we used to decorate our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. This goes back to my grandparents, who raised 6 children, and took care of my blind Great Grandfather through the Depression. My grandfather would wait until Christmas Eve to buy the tree, because the man on the corner would sell them for just pennies that last day. My children and I carried on this tradition, including pizza for dinner that night. We are working on new traditions now that we don’t celebrate Christmas anymore. And we are having fun!

What is your ideal “girl’s day out”? Going to Barnes and Noble book store for the day, or sitting and having coffee/tea while chatting and crocheting/knitting.

Describe a day- in- the-life: I get up most days about 7am, have about an hour to myself before I wake up the children. We are not naturally morning people, so it usually is 10 or so before we get out day truly started with schoolwork, household chores, and such. The kids are usually in bed by 10, and I am learning to go to bed by 10:30. I have always been a night owl, but want to work on getting up early again, especially during the summer when it is so hot, so I can get more done before the heat sets in.

What are your home school philosophies? We are EXTREMELY eclectic. I think the only boxed curriculum I have ever used is Apologia Science, and Math U See. For the rest, I make our lessons as we go, using a base list of what I want to cover for the year in each subject. I am horrible at planning schoolwork, but am working on this for this year. I want to have at least 2 weeks planned out, at any given moment. We have done a lot of lapbooking in the past, but now that the boys are getting older, they aren’t as interested in it. We will be doing more notebooking instead.

Are you musical? I love music, and tried to teach myself the keyboard years ago, but just didn’t have the time for it. My daughter sings, and has since she could make a sound, and my middle, Joe is ear trained on the keyboard.

What are 3 things you would like to do before you die: Spend whatever time I need, without finances being an issue, in the CT/NY area where my family came to this country, and learn all I can about my family history. Go to Ireland. Become completely self sufficient.

What is your favorite type of music/ artists? I like country, although the lyrics of many songs leave a lot to be desired. I love classical, jazz, and bluegrass.

List your top 5 favorite movies: City of Angels, Songcatcher, Dead Poet’s Society, Gangs of NY, Band of Brothers (many more, but you said 5 lol)

If you could teach other mammas ONE THING, what would that be? To treasure every single moment, because they WILL grow up on you!! And way too fast!!

What is your biggest parenting challenge? Being a single parent. Sometimes I wish there was another adult to help me.

What is your idea of femininity? This is a hard one for me, because I grew up a tomboy. I think it is being yourself mostly. I have never been big on jewelry, makeup or any of that. It all seems fake to me. Femininity is letting your true personality shine.

What is your idea of modesty? Modesty to me is not exposing yourself to the world. Always dress respectfully. Keep private parts private, no peek-a-boo shows with your clothing. Your body is a precious gift from Yah, and should be treated as such.

What is your most important role? Being a mother. I have never had a harder, or more rewarding job. There are days I want to hide in the bathroom and throw away the key, and they there are days where I cannot stop laughing at the fun we are having. I am blessed!

What is The Father doing in your life right now? I think that the biggest thing he is doing with me is trying to teach me to trust. Him first, people second. Due to some poor choices on my part in my past, and the choices put on me by others who didn’t have my best interests at heart, I don’t trust a lot of people.

What are you currently studying in The Scriptures? I am learning to do the Torah Portions each week, and working through a study from Bereans Online called “It’s not what you think, It’s what you do”

What are you most passionate about? Education….life is a learning experience, and just because you turn 18, and finish high school, doesn’t mean you are done learning. It is a journey, a joy, and exciting!

Choose 5 words to best describe yourself: impatient, compassionate, stubborn, loving, kind

City Mouse or Country Mouse? Definitely a Country Mouse

List your 5 most recent do-it-yourself projects: Turned a dry sink into an island for the kitchen, by replacing the top, my raised bed garden, a homemade desk using a piece of mdf and a cabinet, crocheted an afghan for a friend’s daughter as a graduation present.

Share your homemaking inspirations: Definitely other bloggers, such as Rhonda on Down to Earth (http://down-to-earth.blogspot.com), and books from the 1800 and early 1900’s, found on Google Books. I download them in pdf format to my computer and read them at night. What knowledge you can learn from them!

What would you like to tell a bride to be? Talk to your future husband. Never assume you know what he is thinking or feeling. Good communication is necessary for a good relationship.

Traveler/Adventurer or Homebody? Homebody.

Share your favorite resources on topics of your choice: Rather than list too many, I will give you my tagfoot page. That is where I save links to everything I am interested in, from homeschooling, homesteading, crafts, Torah, etc. (www.tagfoot.com/piecesofscrap/bookmarks)

I am most happy when I am: Home with my children. There is a sense of peace at home, a comfortableness, which I cannot find anywhere else.

Thanks for doing an interview for us. It is nice meeting you! May YHVH bless you and keep you. May your children be passionate to walk in His ways ALL the days of their lives! May you always remember you are the bride of Messiah; the best lover, provider, protector, confidant, counselor and friend - a girl could ever have! May His shalom be ever present in your home!
In Him,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me do the interview:) It was a real "eye-opener" for me to answer these questions...some I had to really think about.

May you be blessed as well;) Shalom!

Andi said...

Pamela - I want to thank you for hosting these interviews, I really enjoy reading them, Stephanie - wow so much I did not know, but I am thankful to have been made known...thank you for sharing! Yah Bless YOU!