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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Learning Herbs

I have mentioned before, that a few months ago, we started using HerbMentor.com to add to our resources for our herbal studies. It is the site that you get linked to when you become a member at LearningHerbs.com . We have been so pleased with all they have to offer! We are learning so much! It is a very casual atmosphere; A real grass roots effort. Maybe not always the most polished - but always valuable info which takes the intimidation out of learning. It is a wonderful tool for us to use as a whole family.

They offer so much information in so many formats that we can always find things we can learn and DO right away. There are video lessons, audio lessons, written lessons. Their are web conferences, and forums, there is even a monthly mentor conference call where you can talk directly to Herbalists to ask questions and contribute to discussions. There are tons of free book downloads. They team up with lots of other herbalists for these courses and materials so you get a wide variety of teachers. They even have a wonderful herb identifying board game (we have it and play it with the kids). They also offer discounts at Mountain Rose Herbs. Their generosity with information is like none other I have seen! There is a small monthly membership (SO WORTH IT) that can be canceled anytime. I can not edify this resource enough.

This site is for you if you:
  • Always "wanted" to try natural herb things, but never got round to it
  • Buy all natural remedies, but don't know how to make them yourself
  • Want to become more self sustainable and learn how live more naturally
  • Want to learn to identify and use wild plants/food/herbs
  • Wish you just had some one to show you how to do stuff, because you can't imagine learning this from a book
  • Would like just learn how to use the herbs from your own kitchen cabinet or grocery shopping cart as natural remedies
  • Wish you could just learn how to make tinctures, infusions and salves with a kit and have someone walk you through it (they have that too!)
  • Are like me - already on your way, making your own remedies and have supplies, but are always learning....

You will be able to get A LOT out of LearningHerbs.com if you only use them. Check it out. There are a bunch of freebies you can get before you even become a member!

p.s. Did I mention they also teach anatomy and physiology too?? I know I'm forgetting stuff!

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Andi said...

Thank you for the link and resource. I have not heard of this one....thank you thank you!