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Welcome to Home Shalom and Shalom Farm. We pray your visit here be blessed. We are learning to walk in the Ways (Torah) of our Father YHWH and follow Y'shua, His Messiah until He returns to "set things straight". We call it a "Messi-Life". Our walk is neither tidy nor perfect, but it is filled with passion, devotion and desire to serve our King. We are learning to be humble servants, and to be good stewards of the things that He has entrusted to us: His Word, our marriage, our children, our family, our community, our health, and our farm. Hitch your horse and stay a while--our door is always open!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Woman Behind The Keyboard - Angelique

What is your (first) name? Angelique

  • What is your website name?Grace and Space/The King's Wise Woman

  • Please describe your site: My blogs are a place I share myself and journey honestly. I pour it as it is. There is art, poetry, thoughts a hodge podge of stuff. My herbal blog is a place where I share my herbal journey too.

  • How old are you? 34

  • How long have you been married?15 yrs.

  • Please tell us a little about your family: Well, we are an eclectic bunch! My husband is the strong alpha male who is devoted an loyal! My 16yr. ladybug is the simple quiet one and my 13yr. son is a mix of both my baby and I so he is a strong alpha male in the training who keeps to himself.

  • Please tell us a little about your faith: Ah, well in my home my husband doesn't walk with us, but has his relationship with HaShem (Grace and Space apply here! lol) but as for myself and my children we walk along the lines of Messianic Judaism (for title's sake). My husband over the years has grown a respect for our faith and now sits at the pesach table and other events which we do at home. Although he still does not fully understand or agree.

  • Where have you lived? We are both former New Yorker's, I have lived in Puerto Rico, Florida and here PA.

  • Do you work outside the home? No, thank HaShem!!! LOL

  • List your top 5 favorite things to do: Hang with my familey, watching movies, reading/learning, being out in nature, worshiping, hanging w/fam & friends

  • What do you look for most in a friend? Open honesty and transparency

  • What would you say your top 3 strengths are? Honesty/Leadership/Compassion (this one came later in life!LOL)

  • What would you say your top 3 weaknesses are? Consistency/Can get overwhelmed/tendency to be black and white

  • If you could only teach your children ONE THING, what would it be? To love with all there hearts, Abba first, themselves and everyone else. ( Not sure how you can love others, when you don't even know how to love yourself! Do unto others what you would have them do to you! )

  • If you could change two things about yourself, what would they be? My lack of consistency, my second guessing.

  • If you could change one thing from your past what would it be? The abortions I had.

  • What is one thing few people know about you? That as pro-life as I am, when I was young I had 2 abortions and a miscarriage. Which is why I am pro-life. Nothing I can do can change what I have done. :( And I live with it.

  • What is your greatest challenge? To still have faith and believe after I have been hurt or disappointed.

  • What is your favorite thing about your husband? His inner strength and loyalty

  • Share some of your favorite family traditions with us: Well, our movie time is a hoo-haa. Not the elaborate family tradition I dreamed of but this is sweeter because it's the world where we all meet and are just family.

  • What is your idea of a romantic occasion with your husband? ohh, lala. Anything that makes my baby relaxed and at peace.

  • What is your ideal “girl’s day out”? food, laughter and time.

  • What are your home school philosophies? Electic/Charlotte Mason- whatever works for the season we are in.

  • Are you musical? I am learning to play the guitar, but I love singing the most. I couldn't tell ya, you'd have to ask those who have listened to my singing. LOL

  • What are 3 things you would like to do before you die: Live and or visit Yerushalayim, own my land, see the promises of HaShem for our lives and family come to pass.

  • What is your favorite type of music/ artists? Matisyahu, reggae, 50"s, salsa , house music, all types.

  • List your top 5 favorite movies: Any Jane Austen (the old ones), the twilight saga (yup, believe it!), forget it too many...Mr. Magorium's wonder emporium.....Penelope...too many

  • If you could teach other mammas ONE THING, what would that be? Take care of yourself and there is nothing more important than your family!

  • What is your biggest parenting challenge? Consistency...... It can bore ME!!!

  • What is your idea of femininity? Oh goodness, idea- that word can kill me and tick me off! But a woman who is herself, really herself! We are all so different.

  • What is your idea of modesty? That comes from the inside, I used to have pictures or (ideas) but have learned that it is a heart issue. I could say things that don't draw attention, but either way you can draw attention sooo, I believe it lies in the heart.

  • What is your most important role? To be who HaShem created me- ME! Then I am a wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend. I value all these roles but no one defines me.

  • What is The Father doing in your life right now? To be echad in him.

  • Do you have a miracle to share? Our life, the fact that we survived (really both my husband and I could have been dead a long time ago), my marriage, my babies.

  • What are you currently studying in The Scriptures? Nothing, just reading-line upon line.

  • What are you most passionate about? Everything, lol that is how I roll!!!

  • City Mouse or Country Mouse? Country mouse living in the city.

  • List your most recent do-it-yourself projects: mix-media art pieces.

  • What would you like to tell future and young mothers? You are enough and whatever you need will be added to you, cling to the tree of life and you will be alright.

  • What would you like to tell a bride to be? Respect, the differences and the likes. Your influence is powerful, use it for good!!! And a so much more I would tell her.

  • What is your philosophy on marriage? We are two solitudes coming together and we are one, yet still individual. Respect plays and important role.

  • Traveler/Adventurer or Homebody?All.....

  • Share your favorite resources on topics of your choice: First Fruits of Zion for Torah/ Homemaker's Mentor for homemaking/An artful life blog for the creative mommy

    Angeligue and I have known each other since my second born was a baby (about 9 years), we have walked through quite a bit together. We are very different and drive each other crazy at times, just like sisters do! I consider her husband a brother and her children like my niece and nephew. At the end of the day, we lay down our differences and are there for one another the best we know how to be. So often people choose friends that think and believe just as they do, and if they find out that isn't the case, they try to make them see "their errors" and "cut them loose" if they don't conform. But a true friend is one who is there even after you find out...they don't think and do things just like you do and you love each other anyway! A true friend is faithful and trustworthy and one who learns to love you where you are.


Katherine said...

yay! How beautiful what you wrote at the end :) And how proud I am of my mom! Thanks for sharing about her!
"Her price is far above rubies"

blessings and love,

Angelique said...

Hey, Beautiful thanks for the LOVE>>>
I love you too, xoxoxoxoxo

YahKheena said...

I enjoyed learning more about you Angelique, how nice it is to get a glimpse in the life of our sisters!

This is such a wonderful idea Pamela! I'm looking forward to meeting and reading more about other sisters!