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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We like to use the Bold Believers Series from Voice of the Martyrs. They often have recipes in the studies so you can prepare regional foods for the country you are studying, whihc we always look forward to doing. When we were doing the Pakistan Study, the recipe we liked best was for Chapatis. I always thought of these as an Indian Bread, (they are eaten there too) I just didn;t associate them with the Middle East until we did this study. We tried the other recipes too, but this the one was the one we liked the most and kept it for our family recipe book. My 10 year old son, has mastered the art of making Chapatis and loves to make them. He doesn't even use the recipe - he knows how to do it by heart. They are an easy quick made on a stove top. I am guessing they can be done in the electric tortilla press too, we just never tried. We use wheat or spelt flour in ours. Unlike the original recipe, we add a pinch or two of salt (we usually double it when we make it).

Mix 1 1/4C flour and 1/2C water together until you can form a golf ball size ball. (adjusting water or flour as needed) It should be a workable dough, not too sticky. Roll each ball into a little flour and pat (or roll) into a thin 5-6 inch circle. Put each round onto a hot dry griddle or frying pan, until light brown spots show, turn over and repeat. Keep warm and serve immediately. (Easy Peasy!) They go wonderfully with Baba Ganoush, Hummus, and salads. (They all work well with beans, dips, to hold sandwiches, with soups...how ever you might use any other flat bread.)


abrianna said...

And they can be eaten during Passover too! No leaven.

Mommy Set Free said...

So right abrianna! I hadn't thought of that! I certainly will this year. :-)

YahKheena said...

ummmm, good with salsa too :-)

Enid said...

How super cool, thanks for sharing!