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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Citrus Roasted Lamb

A few Pesach's (Passovers) ago, we had our first self roasted lamb over an open fire. It was in company with some friends camping over Pesach and the week of Matzah. It was the first year, we started keeping our passover similarly in rememberence of the original story in Exodus instead of the typical Rabbinic Sedar. (More on that during the Passover Linky - maybe!) :-) Anyway, my friend (Julianne) whipped this rub up for the lamb and it was one of the most delicious things I have every tasted! It is so tender an scrumptious from the slow roasting. This is actually what started us to thinking (ahead to the possibility of raising sheep on our (then future) farm! Anyway, I wrote down what she did and it had become our family's "traditional" Passover Lamb Recipe. So I thought I might share it with you here.

1. It starts by marinating the lamb in fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice (turning every so often to be sure you are getting the whole lamb in the juices).

2. About an hour or two later after the lamb as been marinating in the juices and soaked some up. Mix together the following herbs and rub the lamb down with them. Leaving a generous amount of seasoning all over the lamb.

2 parts Dr. Mint, Dr. Basil, and *Citrus Seasoning Mix (any brand)

1 part Sea salt

1/2 part pepper

3. Put several 1" slits all over the top of the lamb and insert a clove of garlic into eash slit (about 8 + depending on wether you are doing a roast or whl lamb - the size of your cut)

4. If you can cover and let sit for a couple more hours that's even better, if not you may roast right away.

5. Slow roast over a wood fire or hot coals, turning as needed. You may butterfly it to speed up the cooking time, if you do this, you might need to rearrange your garlic clove slits. ( A grill is very handy for this, if you aren't in a place you can do a "camp fire".)

Scrumdilyicious! No body will want to leave any left overs! (Which is very helpful if you are trying to finish it completly as described in Scripture as a part of your observance.) :-)

* There are citrus rubs out now, which are quite tasty, they usually consist of dried lemon and orange peel with a few other herbs and salt. I have used differnt ones, and improvised with Lemon pepper and omited the pepper. It wasn;t As good but in my opinion but no one else noticed. :-) They still scarfed it down in haste! :-)

From our tent to yours -


p.s. This photo is not citrus roasted lamb. I needed a photo to share for the linky!

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