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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Eden - Free Film - Gardeners MUST SEE

This is a wonderful video which combines the best of simplicity, permaculture, and Biblical precepts in gardening. Having moved to a new farm (where the soil was not planted in before we came), we quickly learned how much work our very rocky hard hungry clay soil would require. (Around here they call it "chert".) We amended it a little last year and planted in it, but the health and productivity of our plants was nothing like our previous experiance of gardening in raised bed gardens we in our smaller garden in suburbia. (Which was very discouraging!) We struggled to figure out how to implement raised bed ideas into a much larger scale. Our friend did it with an almost 15000 investment. We have so much else that needs to be done on the farm, we didn't feel we could do that, but we were resigned to the fact that it would require SOME capitol if we wanted to grow successfully right away. We knew we would have to make some big changes if we were going to try to live off of the food we produce. The method shared here is the method and philosophy we will be implementing on our farm starting this year. It's simply genius because it follows the design our Creator has put right in front of our eyes!

Back To Eden Film

This is a full length film that runs almost 2 hours. You might want to have your spouse/family watch it with you if your work together in the garden, please allow yourself time to watch the whole thing. It's a must see! Please come back and comment if you did watch it. I would love to hear what you think. It connected so many "gardening dots" together in my brain to solidify the direction we will go. (YES! Halleluyah!)

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Enid said...

Interesting Pamela, thanks for sharing...We are going to make time either tonight or sunday! but what I read so far is we need covering...Hum I wonder what I can fin in this desert!

Pam said...

I'm going to bookmark this so I can come back to it and watch when I get a chance.

Josee said...

We watched this about two weeks ago. We are going to be making a garden like his this year. It was a must see movie!

Anonymous said...

I too watched this awhile back and am hoping to try some of his technique this year. I need to find a tree trimmer!

I loved watching him relay all his findings back to scripture. What a way to show other the Father's ways!

Andi said...

This was great when we watched it too...such a great concept!

Enid said...

Ok Pamela, I have watch it. Oh my Thank you for sharing this....is like when I have the revelation of Yeshua...! What an eye opening...we got horses last week, so we will beging to start collecting manure and let them sit in one place for a while. I live in this desert..so no trees to find tree chips. Although the citi is announcing free woodchips from the trees collected after the 12/25 lol. Going to see if I can get few truck loads. We are talking on using one of the round bale for the horses, wich is Blue Stem hay and layer it out on top of the already composed garden and not till...oh I am so excited!!
Yah Blessings!

Mommy Set Free said...

Enid, I am so excited for you! If you can just get the materials I think this will be a huge blessing for you in dessert! Ben and I both laughed out loud in regards to the irony of using the Christmas tree mulch!! We LOVE IT! (I wonder if our country has anything similar. Thanks for the idea, I will ask!)

I kow what you mean about feeling like it had so much to share in due season! That is what we thought, and wouldn't you know the MORNING after we watched the video together, the power company showed up at the front door wiht the nieghbor with some requests to take down some fencing for maintance if they would put them back up. We granted persion than go to chatting and he mentioned wood chips...long story short, they said they would bring us a load and I told them we "always want them" so they can rbing them by any time. He did mention that it is a matter of convience (just liuke the video said) and they would if they were in the area. I don;t expect that will be too often because we are on a dead end road and even the road that takes you to our road is a dead end! So...it is not likely they will be on there way anywhere with chips...but we'll see if Yah shows us favor and reminds them when them and makes the driver feel generous toward us! :-)

DH went to our local Pennysaver type of free paper in our closest town. They had a huge supply they said we were welcome to it any time. He came home with a trunk load and we will go back for more. (We have big plans) :-)

We used lots of straw to mulch last year, but had weed seeds in it and while it did help with the moisture, it was rough on the weeds and our soil quality is so poor...we had issues in thta diretion too. I have never seen nutiriant deproived gardeing before because we always grew in black compost bak in PA. (Our county had a free composting program which allowed its residents to collect all the free compost we wanted. We used to pull the seast out of our caravan, have granny stay with kids and make lots of trip back and forth with rubbermade totes filled with compost and stacked to the cieling! We were "low ridin'" all the way home! But it gave us delicious produce! :-)

I am looking forward to watching how things unfold.

Moira said...

Cant wait to watch this!!!

Enid said...

Ok Pamela ...girl you need to install diquiss or something like that on your comments on the blog. I need to have your email too lol! so we could email as well.
So today I guy I have contact last week who has a big tub to grind trees came over. Short story is he have several sites he already dump material on, but didnt have one in the southwest area were we live of the city. SCORE lol! He said he have about 10 truck loads he could start bringing in the next week, he came today and just wanted to know were we wanted things dump. Hopefully everytime he comes, I am home and I can open the horse gate so they can bring the material closer to the garden area. Even if we have the tractor to move things around but it will be better to have it closer to the garden, work wise! If not they will place it in a big area we have in front of the hay round bales. Anyway I am just blessed by you and posting this.... I am going to be forever greatful for you and finding this and posting it!

Much Love

MommySetFree said...

I am SO excited for you!! The proof will be in the pudding (as my grandma used to say), as we walk this thing out! :-) Our Electric company workers have been us several truck loads too! You can always email me to chat my friend! You had it some time back! But her it is again HomeShalom at Messilife.com (should be easy to rememebr right? :-) I am looking forward to watching your updates on your garden this year...I pray mine are worth watching too. :-)

Einit Borowsky said...

Shalom Alehem. So lovely to come across your blog and to know that there are other members of the tribe doing this in America. :) We discovered the Back to Eden Film last year and it got us excited about gardening again. The power company in our area was kind enough to dump so many truckloads of chips on our property that we finally had to ask them to maybe go down their list and give someone else a chance. Anyway, we laid the chips down in January and it's now May, so it really hasn't been on for very long but all ready I see a huge difference in the size and heartiness of the early vegtable starts I planted. Weeds are a breeze now and don't need to water very much which is great as we are in Arizona. Hope you have a very fruitful crop in your garden this year. Naheem mehod,