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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Rawdiculous

This week I have started a new adventure to detoxify my body. It is called Juice Feasting. I have started a separate blog for a season to document it and create accountability for myself in the process. At this tender stage (4 days into it at this writing), I am still educating myself along the way. I have spent the last two weeks (prior to starting) learning just enough to get started (and be dangerous) which is why I am continuing my learning as I apply it...Kinda like Torah isn't it?! :-) I would love to have some readers who might be interested in commenting every now and then to help me with my accountability. I am putting myself "out there" in a whole new way...it isn't easy to do...but it is part of what the Father has called me too in this next season, as I cleanse my body and strengthen it for the time to come. So that I may better serve Him, my family and His people. In addition to my Juice Feasting Journal, I hope to include other resources and testimonies for using food and natural means for a healthy lifestyle as well as means to fight disease.

So without further delay its time for Getting Rawdiculous

Much Love,


Erin said...

I have read that drinking fruit juice spikes your blood sugar and this leads to insulin resistance and weight gain. I'd like to do a juice fast in the future, but I'll probably stick to vegetable juices.

Moira said...

Shalom Pamela,
My advise is start slow! Juicing can be excellent for our health, but if done improperly it can do more harm than good. (any good juicing book should explain that)

Again, my advice, When just starting to juice, you should start with a one or two day juice fast, and work yourself up to a week, then two weeks and so on..... especially if you are looking at this for any kind of weight loss.

Otherwise your body may look at the reduction in calorie and fiber intake and think it is starving. It can actually trigger your body to hold onto fat when you start eating normally again, because it doesn't know if it will be starved again in the future(it is a survival mechanism).

I only caution you of this because I have a few friends who tried fasting for weight loss and found that they could lose weight fast but then they gained it all back then some.

Also my father did a crazy water fast back in the 70's(to be more like Jesus) and it harmed his health severely, and he was never the same after that. Yes, water fasting is dangerous, but juice fasting can have negative effects on our bodies too if done improperly.

To cleanse our bodies we should always think slow and steady(wins the race), so not to shock our systems.

Again this is only what I have observed in my own life and the lives of my family and friends.

Shalom and good health to you my sweet friend!

MommySetFree said...

Thanks for advice Moira, I will proceed with caution,and do some more homework, but I am jumping in. :-)This is FEASTing which is a little different than fasting...but not much...so again - I will proceed with caution.

Erin, That is true. My diet is vegetable juices. However, I may throw a fruit or two in for flavor every once in a while - but the ratio is a small fraction - like a condiment to the juice, if you will. Veggies are clearly the focus here with emphasis on Green veggies.

Andi said...

I will thinking of you, and praying for you...I have also followed to glean from your journey. Moira... it's good to have wise counsel and thank you for sharing...

YahKheena said...

I did an all juice fast a couple of years ago and had good results. I was looking more for a cleanse than weigh loss. I did loose weight and quite a bit for three weeks. The only thing about a juice fast is there might be a day of two where your sick, literally chills, hot flashes, nausea the works. This is only the toxins in your body being flushed out. My symptoms were not as severe as I just described but I read how others were put through the ringer. I suspect that you won't have too many negative symptoms since you eat only organic. If you don't drink any of the fiber from the juice and drink 'only juice' you'll not experience hunger pains after the second or third day. Your body will love all the nutrition you'll be giving it through the juices. It will be amazing the energy you'll have after awhile. Just make sure to drink enough juices, more than three glasses a day for sure. I missed the enjoyment of chewing so ended my fast early. I was shooting for six weeks, if I remember right. Anyway, I'll be praying for you that this cleanse will be a blessing for you.

Happy Juicing!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've come over from Torah family living site to read, learn, explore in your world. Thank you for sharing. I'm awe-inspired by your first post I see. Raw foods. Think it's a sign? Perhaps so. I'm going to go over and check out your raw foods journal and I'm saying awesome!! Go for it!! Okay... Going now... Bye xx

MommySetFree said...

Amy, Its nice to meet you! Nice to have you here! Thanks for the encouragement.

Yahkheena, I was hoping you would comment! :-) I know you have some experiance with this. Thanks for the tips and encouragement! I have not experianced ANY symptoms yet...I was just talk with my friend and DH and saying..maybe I'm not doing it right! :-) I want to be flushing junk, but it's not obvious I am yet. Don't get me wrong..I don;t want "trouble" but I am expecting it. :-) My husband says, maybe it's becasue we keep a good diet. But it seems to me I can't be carryng this extra weight with junk in my trunk! :-) Tee hee SO... I press in...thanks so much for your prayers! Also thanks for the fiber tip! I have been lazy for some juices and left it in...but now that I know it will help in that way to keep it out, and it isn't JUST a preference, I will be diligent to do it. :-) Much Love, p