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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kari's Cultured Carrots

These carrots are real hit in my home.  If you want to introduce your family to lacto-fermented foods - this is a GREAT recipe to do that with!  These carrots were actually the initial launching inspiration for fermented food-a-palooza happening at our house.  A friend of mine, Kari shared her recipe with me for the fermented carrots. I tried them and my kids wolfed down a half gallon like nobodies business.  I knew we were on to something and wanted to keep this momentum going!  I would have posted it first, but I wanted to be sure I had her permission to share them because they sell them through their farm and I did not want to compromise the family's livelihood.    She was happy to permit me to share it and in retrospect none of her co-op members are likely my readers (anyway!) and she would probably just give them the recipe if they wanted it!  :-)  This is a 'MUST TRY' recipe...especially if you have kiddos or skeptics in the house.

Even though we make this by the half gallons and soon will making them by the gallon size jars this recipe will be given for a quart size jar:

  • Cut the carrot into quarters (like you would for dip).  I like to peel mine.  You could also use baby carrots for this! Fill the jar leaving 1" head space. 
  • Add 1T EACH: sea salt, dried dill, whey (I use kefir whey)
  • Add 4 cloves of garlic, peeled.
  • Fill with water to cover the carrots. Put a lid on and give it a shake to dissolve the salt. 
  • Let it sit on the counter 4-7 days depending on how warm it is and how tangy you like it. Regenerate or cool store.

These carrots will keep at least 6 months in cool storage.



mandi said...

THank you for this! We have tried lacto-fermented cukes and my kids were not loving them. We will try this for sure!

Amy Friendlyshoe said...

Hi! I was curious where to get Kefir Whey?


MommySetFree said...

Hi Amy,
Kefir Whey is the by product of Kefir cheese. Unless you have kefir going in your kitchen (or know someone who does.

Kefir whey is made by taking your prepared kefir and putting it in a cheese cloth bag (or jelly bag or clean dish towel) and letting it hang over a bowl or sit in a colander. The whey drips out and a soft cheese is left behind (kefir cheese. It is the consistency of cream cheese and used very similarly). You do this for 12- 24 hours or so. We put the whey in the jar and it keeps for month and months.

Where there is a will there is a way! :-) I hope this helps.

I only use fresh raw milk...I don't know if these things work with the store stuff. But you can also use "regular whey" which is derived from making cottage cheese as well. Or you could get way by taking homemade or store bought plain yogurt and making yogurt cheese as described above for the kefir cheese. A quart of kefir or yogurt makes about 8oz of cheese (similar to a store bought package size) and about a pint of whey.

I hope that wasn't TMI. :-)

Moira said...

I make these all the time, we call them Dilly Carrots, they are delish!!!!!!

Traci said...

Hi Pamela:) I haven't been around much for a while but have enjoyed seeing all the fun things you have posted lately:) It's wonderful to see you are doing well...wish I were close enough to visit you!!!