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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tribes of Israel Game

I have had the privalage to meet and now walk with a wonderful family who recently moved here last year,  The Groat Family (see picture below).  They are passionate for The Creator, His Word, His Kingdom and for The Land of Israel. They serve the farmer's there every opportunity they get, in the spring and the fall!  They have adjusted their whole lifestyle to be able to go for weeks/months at a time to volunteer there.  They live on a small farm here and live a simple debt free life so that they may be free to minister.  They created this family game from scratch in the hopes that it would help them raise money to serve in Israel.  (The plane tickets and accomidations are not inexpensive, the commitments back home also need to be accounted for, but they are very creative and committed to see it through!)  It is their goal that all three be able to go to Israel to serve this fall. 

I asked The Groat Family to answer a couple questions for our readers.  
This is our little interview is below.

What inspired you to make Twelve Tribes Of Israel?
We were inspired to make The Tribes of Israel game about 12 years ago
after finding out we are part of Israel*.  We learned our identity by
studying Scripture with another family the Father put into our lives.  Prior
to that time, we were not very familiar with the Tanach (Old Testament), so we thought
making the game would help us become more familiar.

What was involved with making your own board game?
To make the first game, it took many hours of work to get the city
names, cards and ideas together.  Each game is made by hand
individually, so it takes several hours for each one.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.
As a family, we were convicted that we needed to become debt free as
soon as possible.  We were living in North Texas, and Ken had a
corporate job that took him away from the family traveling a few days
each week.  While we were making good money as a family (we also had a
few family businesses then), we were not living as our Father wanted us
to.  Part of Ken's job required him to work most Sabbaths.  After Family Week
last year, our Father made it  clear that we were to follow all of His commandments,
 including the Sabbath, and He brought us to Middle
Tennessee to be part of the greater community here.  Selling these games
is one way to provide financial support for our family.  Some other
things we're doing is to sell two kinds of chicken sausage, grass-fed
beef jerky, grass-fed beef snack sticks, and we also have a small,
clean-kill (Biblically clean) butcher shop.  Additionally, we offer
organic herbal teas, and a variety of chemical-free cleaning products.
This allows us to work together as a family, and live as our Father
intends.  By living debt free, and Ken leaving his corporate job, we
were blessed with the ability for Autumn (our daughter) and then for Ken to go to
Israel with HaYovel to bless the farmers in Judea & Samaria.  This would
not have been possible if we were living in the bondage of debt and a
corporate job.  We have also been able to spend a lot of time together
as a family, which has been an incredible blessing.

If one feels lead to contribute to their work or to bless Jews settling in the Land by buying some of thier products click here.

 They have started a blog to share their experiance.  
(I have shared one of Ken's posts here.  It was GOOD!)

What a joy it is to walk with those who fear YHWH and are committed to living for Him and serving Him!

We are a part of Israel??
(Continue reading Chapter 4 in relation to the 2 previous verses!)


Amanda said...

I got to spend time with Autumn this last harvest. What an amazing woman of Yah :) Thank you for sharing this blog post

Abbey said...

We love this game! It is so wonderful to play and use biblical language. Our kids were given Monopoly as a gift, but after one round I was just not loving the "spirit" of the game. Soon after I found the "Tribes of Israel Game" and we were so happy--we can still by up land, add property and I love how the girl are more apt to "share" their "camels" and not be so greedy!! This would be a great addition to any game loving family !

Stephanie said...

Hi Pam~ We have enjoyed this game tremendously! We have made it a Shabbat tradition. Hope you are all doing well!
Much love and Shalom!


Chana said...

We were very blessed to attend Family Week this year. I don't recall meeting the Groats but my husband does! It's amazing how a week can change you. Our family was headed in one direction and now Abba has totally redirected us. Just like the Groat family we have a strong desire to move to TN. We are praying and seeking Abba's will in the matter and hoping to be down there before Sukkot.