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Monday, September 1, 2014

Craig's Wellness

I am very excited to introduce a friend of ours to you, Craig Ryan.  He moved to rural TN from NC a few years ago (and lived previously on the East Coast), and we were introduced by a friend in common.  We love him and his family dearly. We have shared many laughs, sung songs together, had Bible discussions, toured garden & property and have conversations about everything under the sun - including health.  I like to send questions his way when I have them about health and food.

Craig is a personal trainer, consultant and health coach with more than 10 years experience in wellness.  He tells a little about his personal health journey here.

When they moved to start this homestead in TN, Craig converted a wood shop into a gym with a vision to start training single clients and small groups there.  One of the (many) things that makes Craig so special, is that he sees health through a Biblical holistic lens.  Everything is run through the filter of The Word.  He is also a family man.  So he loves to train and help FAMILIES become and stay healthy.  It is not at all a typical "singles gym setting" which focuses on the carnal aspect of health and physical beauty. His motivation and inspiration runs much deeper than that.

As a devoted husband and father to 7 beautiful children (at the time of this writing) - He is well aware and sensitive to (and experienced with) women's health and what is related to parenting and maintaining heath to sustain it.  His wife Amy is also an inspiration, an encouragement and fine example of this! They both want to be IN THE GAME with their children, not on the sidelines watching due to "getting old" or not being healthy.  They home school all  their children and Craig is also very active and involved in raising and educating his children.  They are genuine and fully committed to faith, family and longevity!  What a blessing they are!

While Craig has experience in sports medicine and in Work Site Wellness Training - his heart is truly for vibrant healthy families to carry out Kingdom work!  We're talking about healthy mommas, pappas and children who can live chemical free and strong lives - to do Yah's will without health related obstacles!

Since they have chosen this rural homestead  - he needed to find a way to help people outside of his low populous area while at the same time, generating an income to sustain his family and homestead.  He wanted to continue what he is passionate and gifted in doing.  So how does one do that when he insists on a personalized approach to address the specific needs of his clients?  Answer:  By using the internet!  Craig has launched his new website, where he shares very informative tid-bits in his "5 Minutes to Better Health" audio updates (which I LOVE!), Webinars and Seminars and the thing I am most excited about for folks is the personalized Workout Design and Remote Coaching.  He wants to help encourage and coach people to put this information into ACTION! He wants to help them incorporate it into a lifestyle, not just a diet or passing fad. With the website now up and running, his council and coaching is not limited to those few folks in his local rural county.  He does offer some things for free and he is willing to share his knowledge on a donation basis as well.  His paid services are offered at very family friendly rates too!  So if you like the idea of having a coach to work with maintaining your family’s health, and you like the idea of supporting a God-fearing man and his family in the process, please check out his site:  www.CraigsWellness.com.

If you like what you see, become a subscriber for free or on a donation basis if you are able to support him while he supports you!  Meanwhile, start taking those steps toward wellness and longevity for your family's sake!  Likewise, please share his site with others, this is a new venture and we want to get the word out to people!  

There is one other way you could support and bless this family. If you purchase things at Amazon.com you can go to this link (HERE) to enter Amazon and the Ryan family will get a small affiliate's percentage paid by Amazon to them for the referral.  It is no extra cost to you, to do it that way.  If you save or bookmark the link  in a way that is handy to use - just enter Amazon through that "door" if you will.  This small gesture made by many could slowly add up for this family and they will be able to continue to offer free and low cost health counseling, yet still cover the financial needs of the family.

There is a little saying that I often remind myself of...when I get discouraged and feel like I want to "slack off" in any area of our commitment and conviction.  It is this:

If you value something - you will do what it takes to make it happen.
If you don't, you will make excuses.

It really is that simple, isn't it? :-)

May Shalom and Health Be Yours!!

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