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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Q & A - Confused

I often get questions and comments about things people read on my blog.  It never occurred to me - until replying to this question below ..that these might be worth sharing. I have not listed specific Scriptures...but will if is requested/needed. So lets give it a try:

On Nov 28, 2014, at 10:58 PM, 
Q:  I see from your greeting that you are Jewish, but then I see you quote Galatians.    Does that mean you are Messianic Jews?

And does this relate to your prepping or just happens that you are both?

A: We are not Jewish - as far as I know. However, We have been grafted into Yah's (God's) family by faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We believe in the whole Bible - which is a Hebrew book, and which includes a Hebrew Messiah that has come to save the "lost house of Israel" (that's what Jesus says). Yeshua (Jesus) is Yah's plan for redemption. Yah's amazing councilor drew us into devoted study of the Bible and started showing us things we never saw before. We realized we had been indoctrinated wrongly from the pulpit on many matters. (As were those standing up there preaching were in their specific seminaries and Christina Bible Colleges and denominationally influenced footnotes and commentaries.) So we started studying the Bible from beginning to end, in order and in context- trying to learn all we could about the language and culture it was from at the same time. While at the same digging deep into our own church history. This opened our eyes to many things that have been "lost" and changed in our modern version of Christianity. 

Then.... We saw The Father was bringing many other families to the surface that were going through the same thing!!! He was working in their hearts and homes (and churches) individually and collectively. We are seeing this as the case more and more. It is a very interesting revival back to the origins of our faith. It is a very difficult and narrow path- because (just like the book tells us) it with be met with resistance from most. Even those whom we hold very dear and held up as more spiritual or learned Christians - our mentors, family and friends, have not been open to investigating this honestly for themselves.

Galatians is a fine example- this has been improperly preached to prove a false primes of religion.that the law has been done away with. It continues to be taught and spread because people's lack of proper Biblical foundation to question it...so it is just absorbed and excepted. By the time they get strong enough in the word to question things - they too have been so conditioned to their churches specific doctrine and culture and heart strings are tied - that they gloss over the things that may not seem to "add up".  However, for those who do question it...they are often treated as "trouble makers" or defying authority or are swayed back to doctrine by an intervention of elders. Think about it - the church evangelizes (as it should!) - but those who are coming in are sponges - ready and eager to learn - by then, people are conditioned to see the Scriptures through the falsely colored lenses of incorrect doctrine - they get defensive and can not see through the thick web of religion that they have been trapped in unknowingly. This is true for GOOD, devoted, zealous people who in their minds or hearts may be sold out for Christ. That was me!!!  However, my honest desire for truth and willingness to be humbled continually and forsake all for the truth, was coupled with Yah's unending mercy and grace and desire that none shall parish who earnestly seek Him. He dropped those scales from my eyes. Since then- this walk has been an amazing faith building lifestyle of devotion and worship and service. My intimacy has and continues to increase.  All this is true, even though I thought I was plenty intimate with Him before. How can one explain it???

As for "prepping"- I assume you are referring to our choice in learning to live more sustainable and choosing an agrarian lifestyle? (We also embrace a lifestyle of ministry which supersedes our agrarian endeavors- but that is not in question here.)  This is a lifestyle choice that we believe is wise and packed with many life and character lessons for our children (as well as us!).  Learning to live off the land put us in sync with Yah's creation, it teaches us to rely on Him in new ways. It helps us to be healthy and strong.  There are many many lessons and principals that come from being engaged in stewarding animals and growing food that are contained the Bible.  Many of these things are better fully realized when applied. These are things we are still very much learning.  (Our lifestyle looks very different than many "preppers" who buy lots of canned food storage, build bunkers and stock pile guns and ammo. We do none of these things.) 

Most folks today are separated from this process of basic living off the land. We have by no means mastered it yet- but are certainly learning a lot! We are richly blessed to experience that. Likewise- we do not spend our time in many typical modern pursuits - and prefer " the simple life" which is not easy... Just less smoke screens and distractions from our Creator.

Being " independent or self sufficient" is not our main goal. Rather, being Yah-dependent, sustainable and good stewards of what Yah has given us charge of- our health, family and land. And of course being a good neighbors in our community and stepping outside of "the rat race" in as many ways as we can, helps us with this. At the same time- we feel a responsibility and joy in being a light to the world. We are not closed off, or withdrawn. 

We are Israel (according to the Bible) The chosen people...by faith we have been grafted in. This is how the Bible defines us. I believe it is how Yah defines us. We have been adopted into Yah's family- we take on the culture of our Father's house. It might look "Jewish " to those on the outside looking in... But being misjudged by others in that way, is of no concern to me. It is my desire and mission that for those who know us- see Yah's redemption (Yeshua/Jesus ) in us and our life as is demonstrated by Him with love, devotion, kindness, justice, obedience, commitment, faithfulness, graciousness, honesty and laying my life down for Yah's purpose and my fellow man, as He has called me to do.

I know you can't get all that from a blog- but hopefully those who KNOW me- even in my imperfections will see that- in me.

I noticed in your note you have made some snap judgement to "figure us out".  I do not seem to fit your understanding of religion and identity. You do not see me as a "Christian" because your church has defined that as something different for what you may be seeing on my blog. However, the title and concept of "Christian " is entirely man made. After studying Church history - back to the New Testament - that became very clear to us. Most people if they even study church history, they (conveniently) only go as far as their church founders or the Catholic reformation. (Not realizing Protestant means protesting Catholic. Not realizing they are carrying so much of the Catholic religion with them too) However, it needs to be tracked all the way back to Yeshua/ Jesus -   then dare I say - Abraham! When and how did the Sabbath change? or did it?  When did Christmas start and why? What do these religious words that we use in church-speak actually mean and do they come from Scripture? What are the Hebrew origins?  Are they the same? And so on... When someone has the courage to HONESTLY do that... They are put in a very very hard place of "reality check" and repentance. This is what we did. It caused us to test and evaluate everything we thought we knew and measure it against the actual Word if God!! It caused us to take full responsibility for our faith. What does The Bible call us? It is not Christian. It is Hebrew or Israel... Even in the New Testament... 

When we read revelation - who are called "the overcomers"? Overcomers are defined Revelation as "those who stand fast to the testimony of Yeshua and are faithful to keep the commandments".  What commandments? The ones that are referenced consistently through out the whole book. Our churches take things out of context and feeds us revised doctrine that fits their denomination and we get it in ingrained in our own theology and it is hard to see Yah and His plan and His Redeemer for what/who it is. Our perspective is very seriously skewed. We can only truly see that, when the scales are removed and we study the Word in context, with The Helper, with  respect to the culture and language and 'whole plan' from beginning to end. We have thousands and thousands of denominations because man wants to interpret The Word the way it best suits him to do so. Where is the love in that? Where is the submission and "lordship"? I am suggesting we stand outside of our religion and take a hard look - it is the truth of the matter.

So my greatest encouragement for you and your husband/ family (if that applies). Is to submit all you think you know before the Father, and ask Him: If there be any scales that need to be removed - that he would remove them and show you pure truth. Then approach The Word humbly in fear and trembling.  Study it in order from Gen 1 to Rev and let him re-write The Word on your heart. So eventually, when you get to the end of the books like Galatians and the writings of Paul and Revelation, these will be seen in a different light. Always consider context and try to learn about the Hebrew language and  place yourself in the culture. (When any language is translated- the fullness of the meaning and the cultural understandings are often lost and transposed into something different to fit the mind of the other language or culture.  We have found that this happened in the English translation in some places.  Some religions would freak out at that statement... But it is the truth... ) Pray for the strength to handle The Truth. Once the original languages are explored this can be seen rather plainly. Let's face the truth with faith and humbleness and move forward in Him- shall we? Some will- some won't. A few will "loose faith" all together (which likely means they never really had it to begin with, but rather a facade of it.) We will be judged, tested and tried. Scripture is very clear about this in the Old and New Testament. 

Our Christianity has watered down the truth and focused in on many good things mixed with many added doctrines of man which had caused us to go astray. It ignores many things all together when it does not fit their doctrine.  The Bible forewarns us all about that too- at great length. Christianity and Judaism alike - likes to separate "Jews and Christians" into two categories and parse what applies to each. This in not Scriptural. Yes... Some things progressed and changed... Some things remained. But the people- His true children are always those whom are faithful believers who are willing to lay their life down to follow Him - from Abraham to us today. All were imperfect (except Yeshua/Jesus of course) yet many still considered righteous. That is the family we are grafted into - Yah's family. The Bible calls us Hebrew or Israel. This is God's design- not ours. I'm going with His plan- not man's.

If you do take this suggestion and you do honestly pray for truth and search this out with The Spirit, you will come against testing, resistance and conflict ... Just like the Bible says we do when follow the truth. Your faith will be challenged and rebuilt.  You will start seeing yourself within the pages of this ancient book!!  It will take time and devotion (faithfulness). Most Christians don't want to be "bothered" and are just fine with their religion- thinking they have it all wrapped up. I will never come to the place where I think I have the Creator of the Universe and His plan all figured out. It is a constant seeking and desire to know Him more and be transformed in His likeness.  Yet... In my seeking there is great rest... Just like the Bible says.

May Yah Bless You and Keep You and make a great thirst for truth and righteousness be yours.  May He make His face shine upon you and bring you peace (shalom).

Shalom in Him,

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