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Monday, March 1, 2010

Chag Purim

Purim is traditional Hebrew holiday that we have adopted and love.  It is not one of YHVH's Appointed Times, however it is the celebration of a story that was preserved in His Scriptures and glorifies Him mightily! It tells about a time when He delivered His people from destruction.  The Story of Purim is told in the whole book of Esther.  We think that it is worth celebrating and remembering! It is traditionally done in a fun even "zainy" way...so let your hair down and have some fun with the Bible!

What does the word Purim mean?  It is the Persian word for a "game" they took seriously (also referred to often in Scripture called "lots") by which stones are cast to determine a decision.  In the story of Esther (Hadassah), it refers to how Haman chose the date for his plan to annihilate the Hebrew people.  Which, by the way is the 14th of Adar (on traditional Hebrew Calendar) or the 14th of the 12th Month for those who use the Biblical reckoning of the moons for their calendar.  For most folks it usually falls in the Gregorian calendar on a random day in March.  (Ok...that might be TMI)
In years past, we have done lots of fun things. There is also lots of freedom to be creative in how you do it.  We have written a puppet show and made our own "megillahs" from the book of Esther and did an interactive play.  We have attended a play given by a local synogouge as well!  We often study Esther ahead with the family, and dig up good Esther films. We lean toward animated stories for the whole family or home videos of Purim celebrations past and full features for the older ones after the smaller children go to bed. (Because the reality of Purim is intense.) We like to bake Hamantashen (traditional cookie).  We have a Rubbermade tub that we put holiday supplies in for each holiday.  We have made homemade groggers (noise makers) out of water bottles and beans in years past, but now have fancy Purim Party grogger that I found online.  We have homemade costumes and puppets which we made costumes for. (Tichels make great puppet dresses by the way!)  You can put as much or as little effort into as you like.  Some of the other feasts are a little more difficult (and controversial) to invite Christians or unbelievers who don't get the feasts, but Purim seems to be a real easy one to include all people in.  We have and it has been a real blessing to everyone.  It proves to be a beautifully ecletic mix of folks at our parties.  (Which we always enjoy.)

Purim Baskets are another great way to celebrate.  It is the concept of Tzedakah (charity) and is expressed in many ways.  One traditional way is to give food and treats in baskets and leaving them anonymously on (preferrably needy) doorsteps. But in our opinion, charity of any kind should always be a part of Purim. It is an expression of thankfulness for all the provision that YHVH has given us -- that is the over arching lesson of Purim...so we share in the bounty.

The most important element to celebrating Purim is to retell the story of Esther, keeping it alive so that YHVH is glorified.

A wonderful resource we have used to spark ideas is a wonderful children's book called Make Your Own Megillah

Here is a link to some traditional Hebrew songs for Purim.  Our favorite song is Chag Purim, we learned a dance to it last year.  This is a great link if you are studying Hebrew...learn what the Hebrew in the songs mean.  (Homeschoolers look for unit studies in everything!)

Chag Purim! (Happy Purim)


Anonymous said...

The "cookies" never seem to last long LOL!

Lina said...

I enjoyed reading all your ideas for Purim! I have never observed this date, but I would love to do so when I have my own T.O. family :)

Stephanie4Him said...

Our family has enjoyed celebrating Purim as well. Thank you for posting the Hebrew songs. We are studying Hebrew currently in our home school. Love your blogOur family has enjoyed celebrating Purim as well. Thank you for posting the Hebrew songs. We are studying Hebrew currently in our home school. Love your blog!