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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shalom Farm's Cultured Asparagus!

Be still my heart...Probiotic Asparagus!!  Quick..before it gets too hot...fill those jars will asparagus and indulge in this amazing side dish, snack or salad topper.  Oh these are so good...I have a hard time sharing.  I like to make mine in a half gallon jar (pictured above).  I still have to clip the bottoms off to make them fit, length wise.  This recipe is so simple and so delicious!  When choosing asparagus, go for the slender shoots whenever possible.  These are crisp, tangy and OH so satisfying...this is what lacto-fermentation is all about.

1. Fill your jar up with clean asparagus.
2. Throw in 2-4 peeled whole Garlic cloves to taste.
3. Add 2T sea salt and 2T whey.  ( I use kefir whey.)
4.  Cover with clean water and put the lid on.  Shake to mix and dissolve salt.
5.  Let sit on the counter for 3-7 days depending on heat and how tangy you like your stuff.  Start taste testing at 3 days to know when it is right for you.

*** Variations:  Add a clean round slice of organic lemon (about a quarter inch thick or so), rind and all.  You may also add or substitute 1-2 inch piece of fresh ginger.  I like to cut mine into coins.  consider increasing your garlic too. No need to peel.  Let me know which way is YOUR favorite...because I just can't decide!!

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Moira said...

Yom tov,
LOOKS GREAT!!! I have never tried asparagus before, I will have to put this on my list of things to try :)

Ina said...

Cultured Asparagus sounds wonderful! I have a question about Kefir Whey. Do you know how long it will keep in the fridge? I so want to try cultured asparagus - yum!

MommySetFree said...


Like "regular" whey, kefir whey will keep for months and months in the fridge. I have never had it go bad on me.

Also... my comments are set to be "approved" so that I am sure not miss any. I want to make sure I answer any questions that may come through. So there is a delay before you, the reader can see them, until I approve them. This is very common with many other blogs too. I did get all your copies...but hopefully this will help save you a little time/concern, next time. :-)

Anonymous said...

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